Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Arizona Muse by Paolo Roversi for Vogue China, April 2011.

This has to be my favourite editorial in a very long time, I love absolutely everything about it.

The styling is incredible. My personal favourite is the lingerie from the collaboration between Gaultier and La Perla. The whole thing is so soft and airy, and with such an unbroken colour palette it takes serious creative talent to keep it engaging. This talent goes by the name of Nicoletta Santoro, who has worked with the longest list of awe-inspiring photographers, and whose work is always so beautifully elegant but still edgy. I especially like she has used flats for every look, which is something of an anomaly in pretty much the whole of the fashion industry.
A lot of the magic in this shoot is provided by Arizona. The brilliant name, the innocent face, the magnificent eyebrows - she's captivating. And here, her hair looks like she's just climbed out of lake, which I think only adds to her charm.
Of course it would be hard to be negative about an editorial shot by Paolo Roversi, but I think his style really stands out here, especially in the eighth shot. The way he captures her eyes looking so piercing quite strikingly reminds me of that photograph of Natalia Vodianova looking back over her shoulder from 2003.

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