Friday, 11 March 2011

Inspiration Friday: Those who tell the stories, rule the people (Navajo proverb)


My inspiration this week are the Navajo people, the second largest Native American tribe of North America. As well their rich and interesting culture and history, the area I find most fascinating are their two main forms of art - silverwork and weaving.

The Navajo people have been creating silver jewellery since the 1800s. I love the chunky designs which often incorporate turquoise, and I think the pieces show such incredible craftsmanship and talent. Navajo weaving traditions go even further back, to the eighteenth century. They weave on upright looms and the blankets and fabrics show brightly coloured triangular designs. I'm very rarely one for bold colours, but I think they're stunning. I also love the thinking behind them - that the common four-fold symmetry represents traditional ideas of harmony.

And despite supposedly giving up shopping for a while, I'm very much tempted by this backpack.

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