Monday, 13 September 2010

But I was thinking of a plan to dye one's whiskers green.

I get bored very easily, if that hasn't already come across. And that coupled with the fact that when I want something I become utterly obsessed until I have it, I have become a woman possessed.

Yes, I'm talking about dip-dyed hair. And no, I won't blame you if you're about to make a noose because you're reading about the "ombre" hair trend AGAIN. But I have gotten desperate. And when I say desperate, I mean beside myself.

I have never felt the desire to try a brave hair trend before. I've always been a grow-it-a-bit-longer-cut-it-a-bit-shorter-just-maybe-try-a-side-fringe-if-I'm-feeling-daring kind of girl. I've only admired from afar. But now everything has changed. I google "dip-dye hair" more often than is healthy. I'm past the point of caring that I've already looked at every picture I can find on the whole, entire internet. I'm bored when I look in the mirror because who wants hair that's all the same colour??

And now I've written about it, I can't back out.

So I'm going to stop moping around like some ombre-thirsty weirdo and book an appointment. Tomorrow.

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