Friday, 4 June 2010



You made me start saying "wow" too much. 

You have pretty hair.

Your first words to Sid were ", but I like that you're funny looking."

Cassie: I think that since Sid and Michelle are together, we should do the same.
Tony: What, go out?
Cassie: Yeah.
Tony: Get dressed up? Go on a date?
Cassie: Yeah.
Tony: And we'd talk and eat dim sum and I'd take you home.
Cassie: And I'd walk you upstairs.
Tony: And I'd knock my head and fall back down the stairs.
Cassie: And I'd run and get the witch-hazel.
Tony: And I'd say "Witch-hazel? Why? Are you 90? Give me some fucking painkillers."
Cassie: And I'd say "Hey! It's an excellent astringent and we're out of asprin anyway." And I'd turn the argument into a good hard fuck.

Skins was never quite the same without you.

You are beautiful.

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