Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Dress, Mink Pink. 

Hello everyone!

Sorry, again, for another ridiculous absence. But when I was stopped today on Oxford Street by a street style person who asked for my blog, I thought I'd better actually post. And it's lovely to be back.

I think I promised a little while ago to do some more outfit posts, so I'm trying to keep my word. My real problem is that I have no tripod or decent camera, and it feels a bit egocentric to ask someone to take photos of me, so I have to make do with my macbook webcam. So I apologise for the terrible quality! I'm sure my furniture would be grateful if I curbed my shopping habit for a while and invested in a proper camera (the doors of my wardrobe quite literally will not shut, and I've just had to buy a second chest of drawers), but I can't see that happening in the near future...

Anyway, this is my beautiful Mink Pink Marrakech dress, which I received this week courtesy of the Easter Bunny, and which, I think, is far superior to chocolate. The print is beautiful close up, it has bits of lilac and baby blue which you can't see above. Also, although is looks warm and is long sleeved, it's actually thin and floaty, meaning that it's definitely wearable in spring and summer. And honestly, spring in England is pretty much everyone else's winter anyway.

P.s. Yes, I've changed my hair colour again. I think my attention span is shrinking when it comes to my hair, but I've earned myself lots of disapproving stares from old ladies, which is always fun. 

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