Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

Elizabeth Todd photographed by Mara Zampariolo, 2011

I found this in my drafts from ages ago, and I can't think why I didn't post it. I love the kaleidoscopic shots, and the whole story has a really majestic feel, which is contrasted with the fact that in none of the shots is she wearing shoes.

Getting back into blogging is slowly reminding me how much I love fashion photography, but also how it's important to actually read magazines, rather than float directionless around the internet. See it in the flesh, so to speak. I feel like it's time to go back and look through my pile of magazines that is almost as tall as I am. If I'm honest, I haven't been reading magazines very much at all lately. Vogue UK bores me to tears and just looking at it makes me want to not pick up another magazine ever again (suffice to say, I will not be renewing my subscription). However, whenever I feel lost on the fashion magazine front, I find that going to the magazine section of the Tate Modern shop helps to restore my faith. They have such fabulous, obscure publications, alongside more common ones like i-D, and it's nice to just sit there and sneakily read for a bit (because nine times out of ten I'm going to be too broke to spend £10 on a magazine).

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  1. i love the jewellery in this look, amazing!